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The National Heroes Park, Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies


This project has been developed to assist in the revitalization and advancement of the economic and social status of Antigua and Barbuda with considerable positive potential opportunities for Agriculture and Tourism. Considering the future development of our Tourism and Agricultural products, the aim is to assist in revitalizing and advancing the island’s image in these two areas locally, internationally and regionally.The redevlopment should produce :

• An Interpretation centre and regional Trade Union Museum
• A Restaurant
• Developed lawns and picnic areas
• A National Hall of Records
• A sculpture garden for artists and artisans
• Sequential electronic billboards displaying the various national heroes and personalities
• Pavilions for displays
• Labyrinth gardens
• Experiential and sequential walkways
• Completion of redesigned and landscaped waterways and associated banks
• A minimum of ten employees with a potential of as many as thirty or more persons employed
• A designed and developed Major Park featuring mainly exotic fruit trees along with some exotic tropical trees, plants and flowers - developed with a theme of fruit trees and their origins and in some areas orchards of different fruits (mainly mangoes) which could aid in increasing our export quantity and to supply the local Hospitality industry.


Antigua and Barbuda


Project Details

NAME: The National Heroes Park, Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies
LOCATION: Antigua and Barbuda
START DATE: March 20, 2009
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
PROJECT TYPE: Recreation Facility, Public Space/Gathering Space, Museum/Gallery, Library, Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces, Cultural Display, Community Center
BENEFICIARIES: Tourists to the nation and the nationals of Antigua Barbuda - National Heroes Park