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Rebuilding 101 Manual


The Rebuilding 101 Manual is a 35-page document outlining basic information, principles and recommendations for groups or individuals taking initiative in the reconstruction.

1. Site Safety: safe practices and situations requiring special attention on the construction site
2. Construction Guidelines: principles necessary for the building of earthquake- and hurricane-resistant structures
3. Construction Materials and Techniques: available materials and instructions for their manufacture.

Under the "Files" tab you will find four versions of the manual in:


A number of graphic manuals have been released in the year following the earthquake, in many cases expanding on the principals identified in Rebuilding 101. Many of these manual, both governmental and non-governmental issued, can be found in

Haiti Re:Wired is also working on an in-depth construction manual.

This manual has been made possible by early and generous donations of time, talent and wisdom by: AfH Miami; AfH San Juan; AfH Tampa Bay; Rima Taher of the New Jersey Institute of Technology; Brian Lemmerman of Threefold Studios, Miami; Niveen Sayeed and Andrew Ma with Architecture for Humanity; Julietta Cheung of Freeform Studio NYC; Eric McDonnell and Craig Totten, KPFF and Engineers without Borders; House and House Architects, San Francisco; Boukman Mangones, Architect, Haiti.

Project posted by Karl Johnson

Project Details

NAME: Rebuilding 101 Manual
PROJECT LEAD: Karl Johnson
LOCATION: Unspecified location
START DATE: January 21, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete