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Una Cancha Muchas Canchas


Futsala is an immensely popular urban sport in a place with very little resources in public play spaces. The Buró de Intervenciones Públicas (BIP) wants to generate a network of urban futsal fields within the city.

With a Gamechangers grant the design team will work with the municipality + community to:
• Design + construct two “pilot” street football pitches
• Document the design process, community engagement, and ultimate use of the pitches

The pitches will be located in different low-income residential areas (city-slums/favelas) around the city. The proposed sites for the fields are to be low-traffic city streets.

Design Elements
• fluorescent pavement floor lines
• two goal posts (moveable + secured)
• traffic calming speed bumps behind each end of the field
• vertical and horizontal signage

Project Team
The Buró de Intervenciones Públicas ( is a collaborative project by Stefan Benchoam and Christian Ochaita that originated as a direct response to the lack of public spaces and infrastructures for recreation and socialization in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Their work incorporates various elements of architecture, art, design, and urbanism, hoping to modify the way in which citizens relate with the open spaces of their cities.

For more information:


Guatemala City


Project Details

NAME: Una Cancha Muchas Canchas
PROJECT LEAD: Buró de Intervenciones Públicas (BIP)
LOCATION: Guatemala City, Guatemala
START DATE: February 14, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
PROJECT TYPE: Stadium/Sports Facility