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Monitoring & Evaluation


Architecture For Humanity will hire a third-party Monitoring & Evaluation company to conduct an evaluation our projects in Haiti, which are centered around five types of activity:

  1. Construction financing:
  2. Providing technical assistance to support the reconstruction of 30 small businesses and key ‘anchor’ projects recovering 375 jobs. We will work with Haitian financial institutions to examine estimate the financial gains of including better architectural standards as part of the loan making process.
    Key hypothesis: Architectural and technical due diligence on SME’s construction projects ensures an increase in the jobs recovered and created in the SME sector, resulting in increased profits.

  3. Haiti School Initiative:
  4. Providing grants and design services to 10 schools putting at least 5000 students back to school in safe and sustainable learning environments.
    Key Hypothesis: Design and construction services provided by Architecture for Humanity provide improved educational facilities and increase educational standards.

  5. Workforce development and training:
  6. Providing workforce development and training to Haitian professionals and skilled laborers in the design and construction industry recovering 600 jobs and creating 150 new jobs.
    Key hypothesis: Workforce development will increase the capacity of local firms to compete for and win reconstruction contracts.

  7. Consumer advocacy and education – Bati Byen:
  8. Creating consumer demand for safe, sustainable construction and recovering 5000 skilled jobs and creating 500 new jobs through 2500 referrals to local design and construction firms.
    Key hypothesis: An aggressive consumer education campaign will ensure safer and better building practices and result in an increase in the capacity of local design and construction firms

  9. Local Economic Development Corporation (EDC):
  10. The long-term goal of this program is to turn the Rebuilding Center into a local EDC.
    Key hypothesis: The programs outlined above will result in an EDC, which will be capable of attracting long-term community investment and the creation of sustainable jobs within five years.

In each of these activities we seek to use better design to improve safety and quality of life. The key aim of the Monitoring and Evaluation is to assess the extent to which we are successful in meeting these goals.




Project Details

NAME: Monitoring & Evaluation
PROJECT LEAD: Sandhya Janardhan
START DATE: March 01, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Schematic Design