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J/P HRO Haitian Relief Organization


Saving lives and rebuilding communities through sustainable programs

Redevelopment Program


J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) was founded immediately after the January 12th earthquake and has served Haitians ever since. The organization manages two Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps in Port au Prince: Pétionville Camp and the adjacent Terrain Boulos Camp. Since January 2010 these two IDP camps have housed over 50,000 displaced people on what was once a 9-hole-golf course, and the Pétionville Camp has been recognized as one of the most well managed camps in the city.

J/P HRO continues to effectively manage five vital programs in areas related to Camp Management, Medical, Rubble Removal, Education, and Emergency Response Operations. Among its services, J/P HRO provides emergency and primary medical care, delivers medicine and medical equipment, distributes food and water, and has established a women’s clinic, school and community house. J/P HRO is also at the forefront of integrating Haitian staff into a variety of programs across Haiti. These programs include comprehensive cholera treatment outreach, family planning, hygiene and pre-natal education, mobile medical units and medical supply provision, water filtration distribution, and a UN-recognized hazardous building demolition and rubble clearance program.

Redevelopment Program

More recently, J/P HRO has placed increasing emphasis on community development and the return of camp residents and other displaced people to their communities. In collaboration with Architecture for Humanity (AFH), the J/P HRO Redevelopment Program coordinates with other J/P HRO programs to implement the relocation of amenities from the Pétionville Camp into surrounding neighborhoods while strengthening existing community assets. J/P HRO redevelopment projects include two medical clinics, a community schools initiative involving both repair and new construction, several multi-story multifamily housing prototypes, and other initiatives such as a community house and a damaged home retrofit program.

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J/P HRO Office


As camp managers, J/P HRO oversees the coordination of multiple non-governmental aid organizations working within the camp to provide health, sanitation, education, security, shelter, water and various other vital resources for the Pétionville and Boulos residents. J/P HRO is committed to the residents of the Pétionville Camp and plans to remain as camp manager until the last resident has been returned to their previous home or relocated to a permanent place of residence. Projects for the benefit of camp residents include an elementary school and community house, and child-friendly spaces.


  • Pétionville Camp Improvements, Delmas 48, Port-au-Prince. Engagements with this tent camp on several improvements to increase the longevity, safey and comfort of the 35,000 displaced Haitian now living there.

In Progress

  • Pétionville Camp Bridges, Delmas 48, Port-au-Prince. Two bridges to facilitate vehicular and pedestrian circulation in camp. In design development.


J/P HRO’s medical program consists of two primary health care clinics, a women's clinic, mobile clinics, a 24/7 emergency room, 24/7 maternity care, 24/7 emergency transport, and a 24/7 Cholera Treatment Isolation Unit (CTU). The J/P HRO Field Hospital is one of the best-equipped 24/7 emergency medical facilities in Port au Prince, with both digital x-ray and ultrasound. In the past 12 months J/P HRO has provided medical treatment to over 75,000 Haitians and delivered 342 babies. J/P HRO anticipates establishing permanent clinics within the Delmas 32 and/or 40B neighborhoods and aims to empower Haitian medical professionals to take ownership of these programs, allowing their impact to reach far beyond J/P HRO.


  • Klinik Kominote, Phase One, Delmas 32, Port au Prince. This modest medical clinic is both an earthquake-resistant reconstruction project which acts as a demonstration for safe rebuilding, as well as a budget-conscious adaptive reuse of an existing residence.

  • J/P HRO Hospital Platform, Delmas 32, Port au Prince. A platform was built for the Women’s Clinic for sanitary purposes and to avoid water runoff. This project was accomplished with the help of the local workforce and donated materials.

In Progress

  • J/P HRO Urgent Care Facility, Delmas 32 or 40B, Port au Prince. Repair of an existing building to house services currently provided by the J/P HRO Field Hospital - namely a 24/7 emergency room and maternity care - and complement the services provided by Klinik Kominote. In site selection.

  • Klinik Kominote, Phase Two, Delmas 32, Port au Prince. Conversion of the second floor of the clinic into a shared office space for other NGOs and community organizations focused on the reconstruction of Delmas 32 and 40B. Under construction.


  • J/P HRO and Architecture for Humanity continue to do site and building assessments in Delmas 32 and 40B to identify viable sites for the relocation of the J/P HRO Field Hospital – visit the Medical Site Assessments Hub for more information.


The schools initiative is a further demonstration of J/P HRO's commitment to the Delmas 32 and 40B neighborhoods and takes a three-pronged approach. First, to relocate the existing École de L'Espoir (School of Beautiful Hope) fromt the camp into the surrounding community. Second, to conduct assessments and identify existing schools in Delmas 32 for repair, with a focus on keeping existing schools up and running while improving them and solidifying the community in turn. Third, to build new schools.


  • Ecole Belle Espoir, Pétionville Camp, Port au Prince. Construction of a new school in the Pétionville Camp.

  • Ecole Mixte Bethesda - Phase One, Delmas 32, Port au Prince. Repair of a two-story school that acts as the pilot for J/P HRO school assessment and repair projects.

In Progress

  • Ecole Mixte Bethesda - Phase Two, Delmas 32, Port au Prince. Additional repair of a two-story school, as one of two school repair projects that are part of the World Bank grant entitled "Helping People Home." In schematic design.


  • J/P HRO and Architecture for Humanity continue to do site and building assessments in Delmas 32 and 40B to identify viable sites for the repair and/or new construction of schools – visit the School Assessments Hub for more information.


The J/P HRO community center, located in the Pétionville Camp, offers adult literacy classes in Creole, French and English, youth programs, sanitation education classes, and a job-training program for adult camp residents. The classes are taught entirely on a voluntary basis by camp residents- providing the opportunity for those with specialized skills and trades to give back to their IDP community. Moving forward J/P plans to duplicate many of the programs run in the community center into the Delmas neighborhoods and providing jobs and job-training- with the number one priority always being the safe return and relocation of Haitians to rebuilt and revitalized neighborhoods.


  • J/P HRO Kay Kominote (Community House), Delmas 32 or 40B, Port au Prince. The repair and interior renovation of an existing building is the new setting for services formerly provided at the Community Center in Pétionville Camp.

  • J/P HRO and Architecture for Humanity performed site and building assessments in Delmas 32 and 40B to identify viable sites for the Kay Kominote (Community House).


J/P HRO is seeking partner organizations to find sustainable housing and livelihoods for its beneficiaries. Occasionally, it takes the lead in initiating redevelopment projects such as a multifamily housing prototype and two-story, four-family pilot. Finding homes for our beneficiaries means more than simply buildings, it means investing in livelihoods and communities. A daylong design charrette launched an ongoing exploration to evaluate what housing strategies are most appropriate for the uniquely dense and vibrant conditions in Delmas 32.


  • Canape Vert. While the focus in Haiti has largely been to find housing quickly for the over 2 million internally displaced persons, the concept of a neighborhood redevelopment which will anticipate a growing class of middle-income Haitian professionals may seem off the mark. However, focusing on a future when Haitians can stand on their own to employ other Haitians in a model of sustainable, incremental redevelopment is a worthwhile challenge.

In Progress

  • Multifamily Housing Prototype, Delmas 32, Port au Prince. The design and construction of a multi-story prototype for eight families. Design development.

  • Two-Story Pilot, Delmas 32, Port au Prince. The design and construction of a two-story, four-family residential building in Delmas 32 as part of the World Bank Grant. Schematic Design.

  • Damaged Home Retrofit, Delmas, Port au Prince. The repair of 100 yellow homes and new construction of 50 red homes in partnership with Haven and Build Change as part of the World Bank Grant entitled “Helping People Home.”

General Information

Architecture for Humanity with J/P HRO continues to gather information about Delmas 32, the neighborhood in which most of the Redevelopment projects are taking place. Visit the Delmas 32 General Information Hub for more information.


Delmas 32, 40B & 48
Project posted by Clara Shipman

Project Details

NAME: J/P HRO Haitian Relief Organization
PROJECT LEAD: Dave Hampton
LOCATION: Delmas 32, 40B & 48, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
START DATE: August 23, 2010
DESIGN TEAM: Clara Shipman, Anna Calogero
ENGINEERING: Philip Barritt
BENEFICIARIES: Residents of Delmas 32, 40B and 48 neighborhoods.


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