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Pac Rim Studio | DESIGN AN ISLAND: To save their atoll homes under threat from sea level rise, several low-lying Pacific Nations search for new home lands.

We will design platforms for relocating island communities threatened by the sea level rise anticipated due to global warming. Strategies for relocating village populations as well as the use of waste stream materials for construction will be emphasized. Studio sponsors are pioneering the abatement and reuse of ocean plastic wastes and their potential use as materials for ‘island’ and other construction. Together we will develop design solutions based on these emerging recycling technologies to conceptualize ‘Island Moving’ projects with Pacific atoll Nations such as Tuvalu. [time: 2-3 week blitz]

The Design an Island brief is being run concurrently with students of architecture working with Prof. Kris Palagi at the University of Hawaii and Prof. Mark Anderson at University of California Berkeley. Meanwhile, University of Sydney Professors Glen Hill and Daniel Ryan in conjuction with Lake Macquarie City Council are convening a studio focused on Sea Level Rise in Swansea, Lake Macquarie—a coastal lagoon, very vulnerable to inundation, located just north of Sydney.