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Haiti Partner's Children's Academy

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

John Engle of Haiti Partners contacted Architecture for Humanity seeking architectural assistance in the creation of a new primary school for 250 children. Haiti Partners is a relatively new organization, but John has been working in Haiti for nearly 20 years and lives near the proposed school site with his wife and children. The organization focuses on community engagement, social enterprise and social change brought about through education, knowledge and empowerment. They partner with 7 schools, 3 of which they have rebuilt – 4 in the Leogane area, 1 in La Gonaive, 1 in Petionville and 1 in Cite’ Soleil. Haiti Partners desires to build and manage a model school to effect change in their partner schools through setting a good example. They have won a grant by USAID to develop their Civic Empowerment Project which is a 3 session study on the Haitian Constitution for a total 1,000 teachers, community organizers and young leaders.

The site is very hilly and agricultural in nature. The property is on a small peak plateau with incredible views to a valley on one side and views to Port-au-Prince on the other. It is located in Bawosya near the village of Mariaman.

Paved and unpaved roads access the site. Two sides are accessible and adjacent to a rock road. The other two sides drop off, one to a gentle valley and the other a steep drop to a ravine. There is little brush onsite and only a few trees, one mature tree which should be retained. There have been no improvements to the site; there is no available power.

Construction of Phase 1 should being in late September 2011.


Rue Borno Prolonge #32B

Project Details

NAME: Haiti Partner's Children's Academy
PROJECT LEAD: Stacey McMahan; Kate Evarts: BAR Architects
LOCATION: Rue Borno Prolonge #32B, Bawosya, Haiti
START DATE: January 17, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
COST: $220000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 200 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Secondary School, Education Facility - Primary School
DESIGN TEAM: L Victor, C Haegglund, D Oliver, J Hradecky, L Majchrzak, J Butler-Pinkham, S Amend, T Crowley, W Spurzem, YY Yong, M Estrellas
DESIGN FELLOW: Stacey McMahan, Kate Evarts, Natalie Desrosiers
SURVEYOR: Erlich Jaques, Geometrix
ENGINEERING: Michael Magnier, Geotechnical Engineer
CIVIL ENGINEER: Sherwood Design Engineers
CONTRACTOR(S): M+L Construction
BENEFICIARIES: (Numbers are for Phase 1) The project is envisioned as a model school that will provide: a much needed learning environment for local children, a training facility for teachers from throughout the region, and an example – for all of Haiti – of how to operate a truly sustainable school. Local building firms and local materials will be used. Training and resources will be provided for Haitian teachers and administrators. These funds will provide jobs for hundreds of local workers and will make possible a first-class model of education for the future of Haiti.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: As the project is on a hill and surrounded by farms, gardens, homes, BAR has gone to great lengths to minimize the disruption of existing natural conditions. Primarily this focuses on permeable paving options and storm water control to minimize runoff or erosion. The classroom buildings will also collect rainwater for the school to use and potentiall the community as USAID may supplement this water supply. All the classrooms are designed to maximize natural ventilation, daylight, and balance those needs with storm protection and security. Durable and local materials were chosen to minimize the transport of goods overseas and promote local skilled workers.