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Housing New York City's Homeless, Low and Moderate Income Families and Individuals

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

I am seeking to organize a housing development to house the homeless individuals and families in the NYC shelter system and low and moderate income families in NYC. I would like to organize a project the size of Spring Creek Towers formerly known as Starrett City. Starrett city has 5881 apartments in 46 buildings. I seek to develop a similar housing development following many of their principles and programs. The project would have a community center, shopping malls, shopping area, a community garden and composting, renewable energy, environmentally friendly, a housing development within an urban forest. A local elementary school and plenty of parking garages. I would like to develop one project for 4 of the 5 boros in NYC, one at a time beginning with Brooklyn, then Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.


Brooklyn, New York
United States


Project Details

NAME: Housing New York City's Homeless, Low and Moderate Income Families and Individuals
PROJECT LEAD: Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW
LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York, United States
START DATE: October 29, 2011
COST: $750000000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 4 Unspecified
PROJECT TYPE: Residential – Public Housing
END USER/OCCUPANT: Michelle Rosenthal
BENEFICIARIES: The homeless individuals and families living in city and private shelters in NYC, Low and moderate income individuals would benefit by this project. The people involved in the development and construction and maintenance of the project would benefit by employment. The taxpayers in NYC, NYS and the Federal government would benefit by the reduction of costs associated with housing the homeless in emergency housing.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: I need help to organize a project to house all of the homeless families and individuals of NYC. We have to identify the location for a project in size of 153 Acres each in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx and Queens with a much smaller project in Staten Island to house the population. As of 10/26/11 according to the NYC Shelter Census as posted on - In NYC there are 8,442 homeless families with children, 1,391 homeless adult families and 8,540 homeless individuals. There are more homeless living in the street, in private nonprofit shelters and being temporarily housed in other institutions. I suggest project similar in size to that of Spring Creek Towers in Brooklyn for each Boro with apartments varying in size from studios to 4 bedroom apartments for larger sized families. The housing complex will contain social services, mental health services, medical services, shopping and community activities. We can offer jobs training and placement. If possible we can seek qualified homeless people to undergo a training program to help in the planning, development and building of the buildings to be affordable and energy efficient. We need creative architectural designing. To see a picture of Spring Creek Towers please go to and If anyone is interested in planning this from start to finish with me please call me at 646 492 3976. I am a Licensed social worker and I will help coordinate the social aspects of this undertaking. We need to get public and private funding to create the solution to the NYC housing crisis that is draining our city, state and country of funds used to pay a much higher cost for emergency housing that is supposed to be short term but often turns out to be long term.