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École Elie Dubois Phase 2

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

Ecole Elie Dubois is an all girls secondary school located downtown Port-au-Prince, a few blocks from the National Palace. Established in 1913 by the Community of the Daughters of Mary, Ecole Elie Dubois began as a vocational boarding school. The school currently offers the standard Baccalaureate curriculum as well as professional skills and vocational training courses for embroidery, fashion, and decorative arts. The original historic classroom building, which faces the main entrance on Rue de Centre, will undergo a complete renovation. The restoration work on this historic campus is supported by the Barefoot Foundation , Fondation CINA , Students Rebuild with the Bezos family Foundation and IDB. The campus is a garden environment with many large mature trees, flowering shrubs, and fruit trees. The cobbled pathways between the buildings are well shaded and provide a relief from the bustling city outside the campus walls.


Rue Centre et Rue Paul VI Champs Mars
Port au Prince


Project Details

NAME: École Elie Dubois Phase 2
PROJECT LEAD: Eric Cesal, Stacey Macmahon,Kate Evarts
LOCATION: Rue Centre et Rue Paul VI, Port au Prince, Haiti
START DATE: May 02, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design complete
COST: $400000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 700 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Secondary School
, Barefoot Foundation, Students Rebuild
CLIENT: Filles de Marie
DESIGN TEAM: Dorothy Miller, Katherine Maclean,Angela Tabrizi, Nathalie Jolivert
BENEFICIARIES: students, teachers, school staff, families, downtown neighborhood revitalization
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Roof Rainwater Collection, Site Storm Water Collection