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AFH Japan Regional Office


Ishinomaki City Center, Miyagi, Japan

The new center will serve as a locus for community dialogue on the rebuilding of Ishinomaki and beyond. Adjacent to the center will be located a small plaza/park as part of a new neighborhood open space network filtering nature in from a larger waterfront park. The new Japanese AfH Regional Office will include offices, auditorium, galleries, residences, public plaza, and adjacent green space. The space will enable local and regional groups to focus on urban dialogue through the vehicle of AfH: engaging in community building and architectural advocacy.

Structure and materials: AfH Regional Japan will be a high density and high performance urban infill in the tsunami zone center: it shall resist tsunami wave force of up to 10 feet for this location. Ground floor public spaces contain flood-resistant structure and with breakaway or moveable walls allowing the tsunami waters to pass through. Structure will include steel and concrete base structure for flood-resistance, with wood and light guage steel infill above flood level, some engineered lumber or trusses for cost-efficiency above flood level. Various steel elements lighten and dramatize important areas as well as employing local shipbuilders. On the exterior, natural finishes will be balanced with glass curtain walls to increase transparency and the public nature of building. Some areas will include wood or bamboo sunscreens to provide an aesthetic continuity with past.


Ishinomaki, Miyagi
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Project Details

NAME: AFH Japan Regional Office
PROJECT LEAD: Matthew Peek
LOCATION: Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan
START DATE: March 10, 2013
CURRENT PHASE: Schematic Design
, Rhea Bautista, Rendell Bustos, Nathaniel Eck, Hannah Howland, Duncan Kwan, Carlos Martinez-Horta, Bennet Song


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