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2011| OAC | Sample Sites


For those who may not have a decommissioned military base close to home, we are offering a few sample sites of our own. These are sites we have hand-selected, and we thought they would offer a challenge to any designer. Several of these sites have already had proposals and design competitions which have failed or are in the works. We invite you to connect with the local community and stakeholders to propose your own redevelopment design or to continue working with the existing proposals. Like any decommissioned military site, these are not easy locations to reuse, but we are confident that architects, designers, and creatives around the world can transform these places into unrestricted civic space.


Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is a detainment and interrogation facility of the United States located within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. The facility was established in 2002 by the Bush Administration to hold detainees from the war in Afghanistan and later Iraq. Plans to close the detention camp are pending. Go to GTMO info-site
NSA “East Bank”: NSA New Orleans (East Bank) consists of 51 structures, three of which are built in a concrete-frame industrial warehouse style and contain 500,000 square feet of space. The dock is currently being used by the cruise ship industry and plans are being proposed to transform the site into a disaster relief control center. The site would be able to function completely off the grid while the parking structure would easily convert into emergency housing for over 2,000 people. Go to NSA info-site
Johnston-Atoll: The history of Johnston Atoll consists of nuclear weapons testing, satellite launches, chemical weapons stockpiling and disposal, and biological weapons experiments. To say this site is contaminated is an understatement. The four small islands are isolated 850 miles west of Hawaii and are currently being used as a bird refuge. Go to Johnston-Atoll info-site
Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS): This site was originally developed in 1942 as the blimp base Santa Ana Naval Air Station. The predominant characteristics are the field's two gargantuan blimp hangars. The large, all-wood hangers were built to house six blimps each. The hangars were, at the time of their construction, the world's largest clear span wooden buildings–they continue to be so today. Go to MCAS info-site
Flak Towers: During World War II the national socialists established three pairs of massive flack towers in Vienna. The reinforced concrete structures were equipped with artillery and radars and also served as air raid shelters for civilians. Today these unique leftovers are still there, in the middle of the city. Go to Flak Towers info-site
Futenma: Following the Battle of Okinawa in 1945, Futenma was built atop the rubble by the United States military. Today the base sits in the center of Ginowan City and is surrounded by densely packed low-rise housing and businesses. While still active, plans are being negotiated to relocate Futenma. Go to Futenma info-site

--More sites forthcoming--

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NAME: 2011| OAC | Sample Sites
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START DATE: June 22, 2011
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