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Ohya Green Sports Park(大谷グリーンスポーツパーク)

Fri, 2012-05-18 17:12

As reported by Hiromi Tabei

On April 28th, 2012, saw the completion of the Ohya Green Sports Park Signage project with the opening workshop/ceremony held that day. The beautiful signage by Mr. Higashi who had also worked on the bench at the field, used local slate for its roof and large beams previously used to hold the homes together for more than 200 years for its main structure. Two buoy with the Kanji "??" (Ohya) written on it, provides slight link to the areas coastal roots. From this day, this signage welcomes the visitors to the beautiful field.

The ceremony was held on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon, with former Japanese national team member of the 1998 French World Cup, Mr. Eisuke Nakanishi at the opening as a special guest.

At the ceremony, three flags, each with signatures of current J-League (Japanese professional football league) players from each team was presented from Nike. Afterwards, Mr. Nakanishi lead the workshop for the 30 plus children who gathered, playing mini games. The children got their first taste on the fresh turf they have helped set back in December last year.