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QwaQwa Football for Hope Centre | a loveLife Centre

Tue, 2012-09-11 06:33

It has been a very eventful month of trying to finalise the building as well as the pitch sub base works.
The building progress looks quite impressive given all the challenges that come with such lean budget projects. The quality work is just as impressive. To appreciate this fact, one would have to go to the files tab on this noble forum that is the “worldchanging website”, “site visit” photos, to see and get a feel of the unfolding Qwaqwa FFH Centre.

Basically the building is at roofing works stage, and trusses are in place, laminated beams are yet to be delivered to site. Roof sheets have been sourced. Yingli appointed sub-contractors have been gearing up to arrive and install the solar panel array which has since arrived in the country and in their possession.
The works have been occasionally deterred by inclemental weather (heavy snow during the month of August – effectively stalling construction for almost a week, heavy rain in the month of September that affected much of the pitch grading works due to soggy ground making it impossible to work through the levels and compaction.)

With these kinds of occurrences, the contractor would be well within his contractual parameters, to put in an extension of time claim. We can only hope the time extensions will not adversely affect completion of pitch grading works against delivery of the geo textile that is critical before sub base layers can be laid and compacted.

We also have had a new contractual development whereby we (AfH) will effectively carry the contract for pitch sub base works (previously between Greenfields and a competitive bidding contractor). This is a much welcome idea, seeing that we can now include this in the existing main building contract, and just do a variation order for the extra costs, making it easier to administer the pitch scope of works.

Currently we are waiting for the contractor to get clarifications from Greenfields technical drawings (that have changed considerably since initial bid), revise his bid before we can work through budgetary issues ahead of contract signing and handing over the works.
All this need be timed and aligned with the delivery of the Greenfields containers that contain the all-important – the geo fabric that need be installed before pitch sub grades.

All in all, it has been a great deal of excitement to have got so far with the project and most importantly to funders, we are very much within the budget constraints as per the tender amount accepted.