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EBCRC Volunteer Housing Project


This house was a bungalow - shotgun hybrid in a working class neighborhood of Biloxi, Mississippi before Hurricane Katrina. Since the storm it stood gutted and empty until its owner donated it to the East Biloxi Coordination and Relief Center, for use as volunteer housing over the next two years of the recovery effort. It can then be returned to its previous use as much needed rental housing for East Biloxi.

Renovating the house will require a new roof, reframing of interior walls, MEP, new windows and doors, restoration of the siding and complete interior finishes. The dual program also required a few changed to the existing plan. The bathroom core was expanded to include a second sink/vanity and space for indoor laundry machine (which had been on the back porch). The kitchen was opened up into a more modern, inclusive work space. The rafters in the front living area were modified to form a raised ceiling. A temporary cubby wall will separate the kitchen from the bunk room in the volunteer housing arrangement and then be turned into shelving when the building transitions into a home. The limited budget has required the careful and creative used of materials and finishes. Extensive use of volunteer labor will also help keep costs down.

The project is coordinated by architecture students from the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio in conjunction with the EBCRC and Architecture for Humanity.


Primary – 500

Secondary – 350


Biloxi, Mississippi
United States


Project Details

NAME: EBCRC Volunteer Housing Project
LOCATION: Biloxi, Mississippi, United States
START DATE: March 11, 2007
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
COST: $20000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 1200 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Residential – 2 BR
DESIGN FIRM: Samuel Carlson
, Shana Payne, Della Hansmann, Peter Pelto, Matthew Huntress, Omar Hakeem