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Hope Floats Initiative- Amphibious Community/Health Center


We at Hope Floats Initiative(HFI) are proud to announce the opening of the prototype Amphibious Clinic/Community Center.This effort succeeded with amazing support from our partners and friends at AFH Atlanta as well as Yaba Local Government Development Authority, Lagos.
Much more than the construction of a floating clinic, we celebrate 22 free surgeries carried out by our medical team led by Dr Simeon Afolayan and his surgeon colleagues. We can't express enough gratitude to all courageous and selfless professionals who committed their time and skill to help those unable to afford health care. During Construction in Makoko we were able to provide temporary employment to a few dozen local youths, and a few long-term positions in the community. It was amazing to see the initial skepticism and oft justified mistrust turn into excitement and cooperation among the residents of Makoko.
The clinic is also meant to demonstrate the bottoms-up approach to sustainable development, and aside from solving land-use issue by use of floating platforms we also demonstrated the use of low-cost LED lights graciously donated by RedBirdLED.
Much work remains to be done on the clinic: we are working on deploying composting toilets, low-cost photovoltaic system, rain-water catchment cisterns and self-powered medical equipment.In the coming months HFI will continue rolling out Floating/Amphibious Clinics in locations most in need and work on supporting an amazing medical team in helping them save lives.


Makoko, Lagos


Project Details

NAME: Hope Floats Initiative- Amphibious Community/Health Center
PROJECT LEAD: Akin Afolayan
LOCATION: Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria
START DATE: February 05, 2009
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $15000 USD (Final)
SIZE: 432 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Health Clinic
PROJECT PARTNER: Yaba Local Council
DESIGN TEAM: Hope Floats Initiative
SITE: Makoko, Lagos State, Nigeria
ENGINEERING: PJCarew Consulting
OCCUPANCY: Multiple Use- Informal Settlement Improvement