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Alternative Masonry Unit (AMU) Program; a System of Eco-Concrete Materials


A research stream directed at eco-concrete and ag-byproduct materials systems.

The Alternative Masonry Unit (AMU) project is a coordinated effort between team members to provide design, development, distribution channels and support services for widespread adaption of low cost, high performance, and environmentally sustainable building materials for construction. The initial stages of the project will involve enhancements to the existing status of the AMU block material and product development, certified laboratory compression-testing of the block, and construction of a local building project (Domestic Beta). Based on documentation of the Domestic Beta, an instruction and training manual will be developed and post-construction analysis will be performed to allow for further refinements of the system in future.

Domestic Beta: City Slicker Farms in Oakland, CA

This project was initiated by Global Homes International, which donated their research and intellectual property to Architecture for Humanity to further develop the material as a resource for its clients and partners and the larger design and construction community.

The next phase of the project will be an international adaption of the AMU product, including the construction of an International Beta project to further validate and publicize the use of the construction material in the larger market.


Haven Street
Oakland, 94608


Project Details

NAME: Alternative Masonry Unit (AMU) Program; a System of Eco-Concrete Materials
PROJECT LEAD: Michael Jones & Nathaniel Corum
LOCATION: Haven Street, Oakland, 94608
START DATE: May 29, 2008
CURRENT PHASE: Technical/Construction Design
PROJECT TYPE: Marketplace - Outdoor, Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces, Community Center
DESIGNER: City Slickers Farms staff & AfH volunteers with Michael Jones & Nathaniel Corum
DESIGN TEAM: Staff of City Slickers Farms - West Oakland, CA
PROJECT PARTNER: Global Homes International
DESIGN FELLOW: Nathaniel Corum
PROJECT PARTNER: City Slicker Farms
ADDITIONAL CONSULTANT: Jeremy Fisher & Marisha Farnsworth
SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Architecture for Humanity