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Melbourne PARKing day

Tue, 2013-09-17 04:54

Design stickers to put on cups/tins, and print -
Get seeds to plant -
Collect old coffee cups - ANDY + STUDENTS, ESTHER
Get architecture magazine (to encourage people to stay and engage) -
Provide market umbrella -

Tasks allocated:
Get fake turf samples - ANDY, ESTHER, ELICA
Buy bag of soil - KAVITA
Make speech bubble black board - ESTHER
Get chalk - KAVITA
Collect crates for seating - FIND DOWN LANEWAYS ON THE DAY
Provide pot plants - ESTHER
Set up FB AFH page - AUTUMN - Done
AA interview - ANDREW - TBC later
Write press release, contact media outlets - ESTHER - Done

setting up - DRE, AUTUMN
manning the parking space - AUTUMN, DRE, ESTHER
photography - AUTUMN
pack down - AUTUMN, DRE, ESTHER


Thursday night:
I can drive round to people's houses to collect stuff (pot plants, coffee cups, turf, soil), and deliver them to Autumn or Dre (please let me know who/where).
Friday 10am:
Autumn or Dre will drive down to the site and set up
Start filling cups with soil, place stickers on them
Friday 11am-3pm:
Autumn, Dre, Esther and Andy will man the site - anyone else? Nicole? Kavita? Anjali? Sam? Andrew?
Friday 3pm: Esther will collect all the items by car, and deliver them to your house over the course of the weekend/week after.

Happy days! Please spread the word and come down...your presence helps every little bit!!!!

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