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Building For Uncertainty

Entered into: Africa Challenge

As Architectural Activists, it would be irresponsible to propose a structure that does not respond fully to the needs of a community. This design addresses not only education and technology, but fundamental issues of survival and outreach.

We assign equal importance to the role of democratized communication in periods of stability and periods of crisis.

Mass and new-media communications offer, in times of stability, opportunities for advancement and communication. In periods of crisis they offer access to timely and unbiased information and can be used as a tool for return to stability promoting free flow of ideas, organization for reconciliation and resistance to injustice.

1. We propose a center built from primarily local materials using local labor that, in times of stability, is a fully functional tool for community services, education and entertainment.

2. In times of pending crisis this structure is quickly convertible into a secure hub of communication. Its primary purpose is to serve wireless internet and radio signals that can be controlled remotely from any point within the signal’s range without an exposed physical presence. The infrastructure associated with the wireless network will function even if the center is compromised.

3. During times of crisis, the structure provides security for things of value protecting investment and future service.

4. In post-crisis, this structure converts once again to a distribution center and central hub in a larger supply chain delivering goods, medical care and shelter to affected individuals and communities, promoting a return to stability.



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Competition Details

The competition entry ID for this project is 1759.

Project Details

NAME: Building For Uncertainty
PROJECT LEAD: Jonathan Rushmore
LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya
START DATE: September 07, 2007
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
COST: $150000 USD (Estimated)
PROJECT TYPE: Technology Facility