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Disaster Plan Grant Program_Washington

Thu, 2013-09-26 21:26

As of today, nearly 200 architects and designers have received SAP training from AIA WA/AfH and SEAW. None of this effort would have been possible without a generous seed grant from AIA National and AfH HQ.

To increase the effectiveness of our volunteers, the Committee has been busy coordinating a Washington statewide credentialing and deployment system with the Washington Association of Building Officials and the Structural Engineers Association of Washington. These efforts have recently overlapped with Washington EMD and core critical infrastructures groups. As of today, the committee is working to be involved in statewide disaster preparedness and response drills beginning in 2016. All of this is in addition to our readiness to provide interstate mutual aid in the case of an event along the pacific coast.

We look forward to continuing our SAP training events in the upcoming year and we will announce future SAP training courses here on the OAN.