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Villa Rosa and Saint Marie Community Action Plan

Fri, 2014-03-14 06:31

On Monday March 10th the Architecture For Humanity Haiti planning team participated in the Forum Urbain National 2014 initiated by CIAT, which is the first national urban forum in Haiti. This Forum follows the Urban Regional Forums of the Greater South and of the Greater North, which took place earlier this year with participants from the major players in urban development: policy makers, professionals, private sector, urban operators, academic sector, voluntary sector and citizens.

At the national level, the goal of this event was to acknowledge that the country now has a majority of its population living in cities, and to establish a vision and a shared understanding of urban issues to then lay the groundwork for a unified policy for Haiti.

Architecture for Humanity lead the "FUN" group through the Villa Rosa Project for the "rehabilitation urbaine" site visit. The group consisted of a variety of people from professional architects and planners to NGO representatives (GRETT and CONCERN) to students of the "University of Quisqueya" and the "Faculte des Sciences".

The site visit started at the Canape-Vert entry point of the neighborhood where all the different participants met each other. Architecture for humanity gave a brief introduction of the project and what the neighborhood consists of. The group then continued on to several priorities outlined by the community in our action plan which were executed by UNOPS. (See map of guided visit)

The two most important priorities visited were priority 5 the staircase and main connecting pathway through the neighborhood, and Place Rosemond formerly known as Trou Rosemond (former trash dumping site) which is now a public space and a basketball court.

The visit ended with Priority 4, a staircase connecting rue Rosa (Main access point to Canape Vert) to the rest of the neighborhood, CIAT and the CASEC of Turgeau gave the closing words and everyone went back to the market.
The “rehabilitation urbaine” site visit lasted about an hour and CIAT was very pleased with the way in which it was conducted.

The Forum Urbain National is set to continue for the week of March 10th to march 17th with several planned activities (site visits, conferences, and technical workshops), please follow attached link for a schedule of the Forum.