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1149 : Kallari Chocolate Center


The proposal for the Kallari chocolate factory and related facilities is put forth as an organizational strategy that can be expanded and adapted to the specific needs of the Kallari rain-family association. It consists of a series of clusters, made from hexagonal assemblies of handcrafted baskets, which define the ceiling plane and program enclosures below. These baskets, treated with natural tree resins to withstand varying weather conditions, become pot-like structures capable of holding different local plantings of flowers, fruits and aromatic herbs. The products resulting from these harvests could in turn be used and mixed into the Kallari produced chocolate or simply serve as an alternative means of income and consumption for local communities.

Given the particular topographical condition of the site, the flower-like green roofscape is the first element of the Kallari complex as visitors approach the site, and is always the most visible. Thus it is designed as an iconic and recognizable element within the landscape, with a clear geometrical organization that can be replicated in different sites, and is proposed also for the satellite hubs.

The most predominant material proposed for the construction of the Kallari Chocolate Center is bamboo. We propose using bamboo in its various forms: for the vertical structural elements that support the roof; for the roof canopy itself in order to tie the handcraft baskets together into hexagonal arrangements; for the enclosure walls that define the different programmed areas; and the flooring for the entire assembly.

Guadua bamboo is a native to Ecuador and grows abundantly and rapidly without needing very much maintenance. This particular type of bamboo stands out for its structural properties; it is light, easy to cut, bend, curve yet it is highly resistant and has a strength/weight ratio that is comparable to steel. Also, its capacity to absorb energy and its high bending strength make bamboo an ideal material for seismic prone areas.

Given the fragile state of our environment, one of the most important ecological contributions of bamboo is its capacity to capture CO2 and convert it into oxygen. It is one f the most sustainable materials to use and we hope to extend its use by proposing it extensively for the construction of the Kallari facilities.


Cuyuja, Napo

Competition Details

The competition entry ID for this project is 1149.

Project Details

NAME: 1149 : Kallari Chocolate Center
PROJECT LEAD: Entrant 1149
LOCATION: Cuyuja, Napo, Ecuador
START DATE: September 07, 2007
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
COST: $324000 USD (Estimated)
PROJECT TYPE: Technology Facility