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Iringa Football for Hope Center

Tue, 2012-12-11 04:43

TANZANIA: Iringa, Tanzania, Iringa Football for Hope Center: Design Fellow- Alma Ruiz


27th August 2012 Construction commencement (delayed due to issues with land).
18th of February Intended Practical completion.


Excavation, foundation reinforcements, casting, and stone pitching have been completed.
Contractor have started back filling works and together with the above mention works, project is running almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule, according to latest schedule updated by contractor.
Center host to coordinate with contractor for purchasing receipts to obtained the VAT return.
Design fellow’s visa has been rejected due to new government and immigration laws, application has been re-sent to the office, waiting for approval to make payments.
Vika construction has not yet confirmed bank transfer test, the director has been warned on the importance of the issue to avoid delays on future payments and construction progress.

Anticipated Critical Steps:

Vika’s first construction payment due to be received by the 27th of September. Awaiting to receive invoice to process payment.

Current Challenges

To get letter approving construction’s start date.