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Civic Art In Schools



Architecture for Humanity seeks to implement a civic art program featuring the work of local Haitian artisans. The earthquake had as devastating an impact on the culture of Haiti as it did on its buildings, streets and lives. There is now the risk that as Haiti rebuilds, much of her culture is forgotten as art and artists are foregone in favor of more utilitarian responses. We believe that Haiti needs the restorative effects that a civic arts program could bring. Architecture for Humanity intends to dovetail the program with its existing school program, and use its school campuses as a staging area for civic art installations. We have received enthusiastic engagement from our school owners who hope that these works of art will inspire a new generation of Haitian students and help give Haiti’s future leaders a sense of pride and hope.


Architecture for Humanity will conduct workshops to bring together school owners, teachers, students and artists from their respective community. It is important that the civic art work developed have a strong relationship to that particular school, and reflect the ambitions and character of that micro-community. Therefore, Architecture for Humanity will facilitate the interaction between a community that may be unfamiliar with commissioning civic art, and an artist who might not be used to working on commission.

Our existing expertise is in brokering such relationships between partners and we will seek to partner with corporations, funders and local foundations to support the program. We believe civic art heightens our experience and helps us to appreciate the culture and community around us. It will be an honor to include works of civic art in our schools.

We have made a broad reaching effort to find and engage Haitian artists,and we have received more than 25 portfolios from both emerging and renowned artists.

Architecture for Humanity will assist local artists with fabrication as required. Our interest is in participating rather than directing, and encouraging rather than managing. During the installation phase, Architecture for Humanity equipment and construction personnel may be used as required to facilitate installation.

The first phase of The Civic Art in Schools project, which is for ten schools, has been generously underwritten by Digicel Foundation. The second phase, for an additional ten schools, will be funded by Deutsche Bank.

The Schedule

The Schools:

Dicicel Foundation Schools:
1. Ecole Communale Portail Leogane,Portail Leogane, Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti
2.College Classique d'Haiti, Turgeau, Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti,N: 18° 35.172’ W: 072°19.895’
3. Digicel School
Architecture for Humanity Schools:
4.College Mixte le Bon Berger, Route Nationale #1, Montrouis, Port au Prince Ouest 18* 57' 01.10"N, 72* 42' 15.96" W
5.Ecole Ceverine, Maissade, haiti N 19* 15 62 N, 72* 13 34.85 W
6. Ecole Elie Dubois, Rue Paul VI et Rue du Centre, Port au Prince, 18* 32 ' 45.28" N, 72* 20 32.39"W

7. St Louis de Gonzague,Delmas 33 et 31, Port au Prince 18* 33' 18.65" N, 72* 18' 08.85" W
8. Institut Foyer du Savoir, Delmas 75, Port au Prince, 18*32' 48.63 N, 72* 16' 14.12 W
9.Ecole Baptiste Bon Berger, Pele, Rte National#1, Rue Volcy, Pele, Port au Prince, 18* 34' 13.03" N, 72* 19' 33.23" W
10. Haiti Partner's Children's Academy, Rue Borno Prolonge # 32B, Bawosya, Haiti

The Artists:
1. Jean Almetor Fremont
2. Josue Blanchard
3. Yves Darius
4.Dolce Vitey Oscar
5.Mouvement Loray
6.Lionel St Eloi
7.Luckner Candio
8.Celeur Jean Herard
9.Pierre Denis Petit
10. Davidson Thermidor
11.Mathieu Marcelus
12.David Charlier - LeZatelier
13.Jacques Eugene
14.Evens Arcelin
15.Racine Polycarpe
16.Lunda Alexis
17.Beethoven Noel
18.Louis Robert
19.Rosemond Paul
20.Schiller St Eloi
21. Stevenson



Project Details

NAME: Civic Art In Schools
START DATE: June 23, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
COST: $75000 USD (Estimated)
PROJECT TYPE: Cultural Display
FUNDING: 1. Digicel Foundation
, 2. Deutsche Bank
DESIGN FELLOW: Stacey McMahan, Kate Evarts, Jean Rene Lafontant
DESIGN TEAM: Stephen Sun
BENEFICIARIES: Students, artists, school community, surrounding neighborhood
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The art work will be integrated into the schools' master plan. The work will be child friendly, and designed to withstand the elements.


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