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Open Architecture iPad App

Open Architecture Network launched an iPad App to let you explore and showcase your Open Architecture Network design solutions. Learn more.

This application would not have been possible without the generous support from the following supporters:

Amanda Rose

Arch Meredith

Baxter Stapleton

Beatriz Garcia

Brian Baker

Bruce Cahan

Carol Gunby

Damaris Baker

Darell Hammond

Dennis Phillips

Edward J Murray

Elaine Hsieh

Glenn Robert Staack

Ian Harris

Issy Tavares

Joi Ito

Juke Worldly

Justin Leach

Ken Eddings

Ken Nickerson

Lydia Sugarman


Mel Exon

Mike Keesee

Mike Walsh

Pablo Mayrgundter

Pam Omidyar

Regianne G. Guimaraes

Travis Mahoney


Aldo Parise

caitlin klevorick

Demetri Detsaridis

Fay Feeney

Helen Keyes

Jay Weeks

Jean-Luc Geering


jodi morrison

Joel Kucer

John Sampogna

Judy Abel

Kai Kronfield

Kamau Akabueze



Merrill Kruger

Michael Preuss


Monty Zukowski

Nicolas Hodgkinson

Rich Henderson

Rob F. Seeds


Sina Mossayeb

Stephen Rife

Tony Yet

Trevor Dykstra

Open Architecture iPad App

Explore Open Architecture Network projects from around the world on your iPad!