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Manhattan Bridge Skatepark | Invitation to Develop Master Plan

New York, New York
Manhattan Skate RFP banner_sim.jpg

So. We're building a skate park in New York. Actually right under the Manhattan bridge. We are 'adopting a park' from the NYC Parks and Rec. and working with Steve Rodriguez from 5Boro to create a youth friendly space that creates a natural skating landscape. However, we want to play more and rethink the entire Coleman Oval Park, which includes dog runs, handball courts, a playground and a baseball diamond. Ideally we'd like to raise additional funds for upgrading the whole park, or at least a lot of it.

Design Team Chosen

Architecture for Humanity has selected the winner of the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark Invitation to Develop a Master Plan. Congratulations to Jens Holm of Holm Design Office.

And thanks to all the fabulous entrants who did not make our selection process easy.

RFP Background

Architecture for Humanity shortlisted a number of NYC based firms, inviting them to develop a master-plan concept for the entire park. They were selected based on their awesomeness, obviously ranking high. Below is a PDF of all information on the park and a CAD drawing (DWG). Both files can be found here under the folder Masterplan RFP and below.

Download more info (pdf)

Download the site plan (dwg)

Download the sketchup model (skp)

RFP Schedule

August 10, 2011 RFP Announcement
September 05, 2011 Submission Deadline

*Dates subject to change. All registered teams will be notified.

Submission Requirements

No more than three 11" x 17" pages describing your scheme plus a min. 200 words describing your concept. All must be uploaded to the Open Architecture Network.

How to Register
In order to submit your entry, you must first join the Open Architecture Network:

What to Submit

  • All image files should be 300dpi minimum in JPEG, PNG or GIF format.
  • Include all images in the slideshow. Only GIF, JPEG, and PNG files are accepted in the slideshow. Sorry, no PDFs will show up.
  • Include your concept description in the field beneath the slideshow + as a .doc uploaded in the files tab.


Winner: $2500 Design Stipend and Architect/Landscape Architect of Record on project
Runner-up: $500 and eternal gratitude
Best Skate Video: elbow pads (and major props)

Invited Teams

Giants in the Dirt, NYC
Urban Think Tank, NYC/Caracas
Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and PlannersNYC
holm architecture office, NYC
Public Workshop, NYC
Balmori Associates, NYC
Graftworks, NYC
Bernheimer Architecture, NYC
Terreform ONE [Open Network Ecology], NYC

Contact Us

Have a question? Contact us. Please write in the subject line: Manhattan Skate | RFP.


All designs submitted to this identity design competition will subject to the Creative Commons license, which apply to all files posted to the Open Architecture Network. Architecture for Humanity reserves the right to publish entries as deemed appropriate and reserves the right request minor changes to the top selected entries.

Competition Details