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Accessible Home for Woodline (House for Marie)


Digicel Foundation has asked Architecture For Humanity to assist them by providing a site assessment and design recommendations for an accessible home for Marie and her family of 17. Her 16 year old daughter, Wyndline has undergone some physical challenges and is currently a patient at St. Germaine's, where Marie works.

Their existing block house was built in 2000 and has structural damage due to the earthquake. There is power on site, but the electrical wiring to the house is unconventional. There is currently no water on site - the family obtains water from the neighbors well down the road. One outdoor latrine is used for 17 members of the household. Due to lack of overhangs, the structure is extremely exposed to sunlight . Thresholds on exterior doors are non-existent and exterior steps have deteriorated and are hazardous. Some openings have no lintel.

Building Program:
-Residence for Family of 17.
-Accessible bedroom, latrine and ground floor space.
-Large Kitchen with generous storage cabinets and gas range.
-Sufficient Outdoor covered Porch Area
-Water collection system & storage tanks with gravity fed supply
-Composting / Low Maintenance Latrine


Port Au Prince


Project Details

NAME: Accessible Home for Woodline (House for Marie)
LOCATION: Moler, Port Au Prince, Haiti
START DATE: July 02, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
PROJECT TYPE: Residential - Single Family
DESIGN TEAM: Nick Martin
, David Thrasher, Heidi Arnold, Tamsin Ford, Dominique Moore, Lilian Lee

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