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ReNew Schools: Washington School - Little Ferry, NJ


The ReNew Schools Program is a part of the Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction Program. ReNew Schools will create innovative and inspiring places of sport by transforming public school athletic facilities throughout New Jersey damaged by the storm. This program is made possible by Architecture for Humanity and Nike Inc.

STATUS: Schematic Design Phase
NEXT MILESTONE: Community design presentation

Community Charrette Report - A report that outlines the charette exercises and summarizes the charrette outcomes. (Posted under the Files tab)

This campus is a complex of two schools that are situated across the street from each other. 900 plus students in Pre-K through 8th grades use this campus, and the outdoor play area is open for use by the community after school hours.

The Washington Street school, celebrating its 100th birthday in 2014, was flooded with more than 3 feet of water throughout the classrooms, gymnasium and basement areas. Memorial School (serving grades 6-8), the gym and nearby classrooms were flooded with approximately two inches of water. Additionally, oil and fuel contaminated water covered the synthetic play surface outside for several days, and is need of replacement.

The project will include the repair and improvement of athletic spaces throughout the school.

11.06 - Community workshop with over 40 participants from the schools and surrounding community.
12.04 - Schematic design kick off meeting
12.18 - Schematic design review meeting
12.20 - Santa Claus visits Washington School
01.23 - Schematic design review meeting
02.05 - Project design review meeting with client
02.06 - Community Presentation
02.28 - Project design review with end user.
06.15 - Vendors selected
07.25 - Painting completed
08.25 - Playground surface, wall padding and new backboards installed.

The role of Architecture for Humanity is essential throughout all the project development stages. The first step is to analyze the feasibility of the project in order to design an appropriate project that relates to the existing context and the community can take full ownership of the project. Architecture for Humanity is managing the design, construction and construction administration of the project, to ensure that the project represents the community’s objectives and is developed within schedule and budget. Architecture for Humanity also performs a post-occupancy evaluation in order to document the sustainability and use of the project by the Washington School for many years to come.

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Little Ferry, New Jersey
United States

Project Details

NAME: ReNew Schools: Washington School - Little Ferry, NJ
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity
LOCATION: Little Ferry, New Jersey, United States
START DATE: November 17, 2013
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Primary School
END USER/OCCUPANT: Little Ferry Board of Education
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Acari + Iovino Architects
CLIENT: Nike, Inc.
BENEFICIARIES: 250 Elementary school student, faculty, staff, and community members