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Resilient Broadmoor

Competition Chicago Emerging Professional Finalist for: USGBC 2010 Natural Talent Design Competition

This Green Home was designed to be a durable, efficient, healthy, and resourceful home, specifically for the resilient and admirable elderly residents of the Broadmoor neighborhood in New Orleans. This home is a place where residents can live in a low-maintenance and comfortable environment that provides safety and security, and saves money all year round. Homeowners can live, work, garden, and relax in a home that demonstrates hurricane resistance, innovative technology, and sustainable techniques. Our indoor and outdoor living spaces allow residents and guests to take advantage of the sun, the wind, and the rain in resourceful ways. The landscape is designed with beautiful native plants and a self sustaining compost heap that will provide a food garden for residents. The home was designed by an integrated team of architect, contractor, engineer, and landscape architect and we hope that residents of Broadmoor would be proud to make this their home.


New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

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Project Details

NAME: Resilient Broadmoor
LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
START DATE: January 03, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
COST: $99615 USD (Unspecified)
SIZE: 861 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Residential – 2 BR
BENEFICIARIES: Elderly Residents of the Broadmoor Neighborhood in New Orleans.