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Transitional to what?


An analysis on the condition of and future dependence on foreign aid transitional shelters ("T-shelters") in Haiti was recently compiled and presented by Architecture for Humanity to partners in Haitian reconstruction.

The 51-page report examines and compares 10 emergency shelter types currently housing thousands of Haitians in Port-au-Prince, Leogane and Papette. The report rates components for longevity, adaptability and satisfaction of users' needs amongst other criteria.

Transitional shelters are in wide use in Haiti as a fast, semi-permanent housing solution while permanent housing get underway. Refugees in post-disaster situations can expect to live transitionally for several years. This time frame may be extended in Haiti due to the decimated state of the land tenure archive and restricted access to construction materials.


Project posted by saltzmar


Project Details

NAME: Transitional to what?
LOCATION: Port-au-Prince;Leogane;Papette, Haiti
START DATE: September 12, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
END USER/OCCUPANT: 1.1 milion internally displaced refugees following the january 2010 earthquake
PROJECT PARTNER: Habitat for Humanity
DESIGN TEAM: Heidi Arnold, Eric Cesal, Schendy Kernizan, Adam Saltzman, Cara Speziale, Megan Roy
FUNDING: Individual donations