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Sunol Agpark Project


The Sunol Water Temple Agriculture Park is owned by the SFPUC (San Francisco Public Utilities Commission) and currently leased to SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education) for the next nine years as a farm that focuses on public education of sustainable farming practices and natural resource stewardship. SAGE will provide education and interpretive programs at the AgPark to teachers, students, and community groups.

The project scope aims to provide infrastructure to support and house the educational programming run by SAGE at the AgPark. The primary goal of the project is to develop an outdoor educational classroom. Additional goals are to remodel the Ramada shade structure, develop an area for farm produce processing and cold storage, and the incorporation of educational components into overall design of proposed infrastructure.


Sunol Valley, CA
United States

Project Details

NAME: Sunol Agpark Project
PROJECT LEAD: Gabriel Kaprielian
LOCATION: Sunol Valley, CA, United States
START DATE: February 01, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
COST: $25000 USD (Final)
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Secondary School
BENEFICIARIES: SAGE is the client for the project; however those who will directly benefit are the students who are visiting the farm. Currently, there is no infrastructure for the students. Due to weather conditions in the valley, (primarily the heat) an open outdoor classroom will serve to educate the students about the mission of the organization, while making their visit more enjoyable and impressionable.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Environmental impact is anticipated to be very little. Since the lease for the farm is only through the next nine years, one of the constraints for the project is to design a structure that is considered more temporary than permanent.