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Sandy Design Help Desk


One year after Hurricane Sandy hit, many affected by the storm are still struggling to rebuild their homes and lives. Some are still displaced or living in substandard conditions, while others are stuck mid-repair having exhausted all of their insurance funds and personal resources.

During October 7-12, 2013, Architecture for Humanity along with partners, Enterprise Community Partners Inc., Pratt Center for Community Development and Margert Community Corporation, hosted a Sandy Design Help Desk to benefit NYC area residents affected by Hurricane Sandy. The Sandy Design Help Desk provided free design and technical consultation from industry professionals to aid in the rebuilding process.

Rockaway Design Help Desk - October 7-12, 2013
The NY regional office in collaboration with its partners created a pilot project to pair trained volunteer architects and designers with Sandy-affected homeowners and business owners who have questions about their rebuilding options, building codes, and design issues.

For one week, the regional office moved to its temporary location generously hosted by Margert Community Development in the Far Rockaways of Queens, NY for the Sandy Design Help Desk. Between Monday Oct. 7th and Saturday October 12th over 30 families and business owners benefited from the free design consultations of 25 generous volunteers.

Volunteers listened to questions of single and multi-family home owners and small business owners regarding their particular recovery issues, and they illuminated choices and design options applicable to their situation. Design consultations included review of current drawings and photos, creating design options, conveying building code and zoning information, identifying base flood map information, providing information on available recovery programs and other technical assistance.

With the support of NYC Department of Housing Recovery and Department of Buildings, the volunteers were given free training on new building codes and zoning regulations related to coastal construction in NYC, thereby elevating the knowledge and skills of local professionals to be better equipped to design resiliently.

We thank our 78 total volunteers who offered their time and services and our great partners at NYC’s Office of Housing Recovery, Enterprise Community Partners, and Pratt Center for Community Development for making this rewarding and successful pilot project possible!

Red Hook Design Help Desk - February 8-10, 2014


323 Beach 37th Street
Far Rockaway, New York 11691
United States
Project posted by yukoo


Project Details

NAME: Sandy Design Help Desk
LOCATION: 323 Beach 37th Street, Far Rockaway, New York 11691, United States
START DATE: October 02, 2013
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
, Margert Community Corporation, Enterprise Community Partners Inc.