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Rebuild One Block


In The Rockaways, Hurricane Sandy destroyed entire blocks of homes of 9/11 first-responder men and women. A community of hard-working dedicated firefighters and EMTs are focused on rebuilding their homes and restoring their neighborhood. As families struggle to navigate the rebuilding process, Architecture for Humanity aims to help deserving families get back on their feet.

Our Plan:
Architecture for Humanity will identify and build an entire block of homes for the families of first responders. A team of architects will lend their expertise to design and build safe, resilient and sustainable homes alongside the families. This program will be based on our highly successful Biloxi Model Home program completed post-Hurricane Katrina.


Harbor Light Pub
location: Rockaway, NY
The Harbor Light Pub is the cornerstone of that block. The owner lost one son in 9/11 while his other two are FDNY. Since 9/11 he and his sons have raised tens of thousands for wounded warriors and neighbourhood projects. During Hurricane Sandy, he stayed and almost lost his life as his home and business went up.

About the construction phases.


Rockaway, NY
United States


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Project Details

NAME: Rebuild One Block
LOCATION: Rockaway, NY, United States
START DATE: December 03, 2012
BENEFICIARIES: 9/11 first responder families

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