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Multigenerational & Multi-Ethnic Meeting Space


Update information:
(November 2013)

The intervention is located in a low income neighborhood of Graça (Lisbon), on the interior of a city block surrounded by two very busy streets, two public accesses, a little farm, some trees, and a nursery school. According to the local inhabitants, part of the houses once existed were demolished by the City Hall a few years ago, but not entirely, which gives the place an image of post war ruins, insecurity, and unpleasant looks. Still, it is possible to acknowledge the identity of the place, and the immense opportunity it presents.

The choice of the intervention site was motivated by the nature of the space, the challenge it presented, and by the number of 'Graça' residents that will see their quality of lives improved by the possibility of having a more protected public space to gather with their families and neighbors.

The project was integrated in the workshop MEDS Reaction Lx, from 03 to 18 August 2013, and the team was formed by Arch. Salete Cravo (AfH.Lx coordinator and project manager), Arch. Susana Cardigos (AfH.Lx project leader) and 5 international participants/students (Aline, Maria, Maja, Poli and Ting). The involvement of the community was a key factor in the design of the final proposal. They were very interested in the project, and eager to be a part of it.

Right now we are just waiting for the Municipality license to be able to involve our volunteers and partners, and complete the work in progress until 14th January 2014.
All photos will be posted here and in our FB page -

AfH.Lx Portugal


Past message:
(June 2013)

Dear friends & volunteers,

Architecture For Humanity Lisbon has established a partnership with MEDS ReactionLx, in order to help revitalize Graça (a historical community in Lisbon). ReationLx will be hosting a 15 days international workshop in August (03-18), with actions that will involve architecture, design and photography.

AFH Lisbon will collaborate in 3 ways:

1)- BEFORE THE WORKSHOP: we are creating a team that will help at weekends, from 27 April to 28 July, with several activities in order to guarantee that everything will be operational for the workshop. If you want to participate in the workshop JOIN US!

2)- DURING THE WORKSHOP *: AFH.Lisbon will be "project tutor" during the international workshop (03-18 August). Two of our project leaders will be 'leading the troops' in order to transform the city block 'D. Leonor' (Graça, Lisbon) into an intergenerational and multicultural gathering space, with the involvement of the local community in the design & construction process. .

3)- AFTER THE WORKSHOP: Considering the scale & nature of the intervention site (D. Leonor Block), AfH.Lisbon will continue working on site and will need your help.

To be updated & engage this project please follow our posts on Facebook:



The event is being organized by MEDS ReactionLx, so there are some emoluments, in order to face the costs an event of this magnitude implies. Nonetheless, AfH.Lx has special conditions for our volunteers participation:

1. AFH.Lx will be holding 7 low cost "participant enrollments" for our volunteers who wish to attend the workshop that will take place in August, and one of them can be for you (instead of 240€, you will only have to pay 160€). Deadline to apply: June 16th.

2. If you are not a AfH.Lx volunteer, and have no interest in becoming one, you can nevertheless participate in the Workshop as a Tutor, or as a Participant, but you will have to pay the 240€. For more details about being a Tutor or a Participant, and about the Actions/Projects to take place during the Workshop, please visit: For more information on this subject please contact the Reaction Team:

3. Become a co-tutor: Let us know if you want to become a co-tutor in one of the actions during the workshop. Deadline to apply: June 30th. Emoluments: 0€, you just need to be an AfH.Lisbon member.

4. you can be a part of the logistics, helping in everything needed before and/or during the workshop. Emoluments: 0€.

See you soon!




Project Details

NAME: Multigenerational & Multi-Ethnic Meeting Space
LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal
START DATE: March 21, 2013
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
PROJECT TYPE: Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces
BENEFICIARIES: The all community.