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PiLE Project - Plastic Tile Community Art Project


Rio Design Fellow Daniel Feldman worked with the Santa Cruz community to design and install this art project on the site of the Homeless World Cup Legacy Center in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Utilizing waste plastic bags from the community, Daniel and the community transformed the pitch's backstop into a community canvas. It's a perfect example of the power of community collaboration towards rich layers of empowerment and ownership.

In numbers:
-1800 bags
-$10USD ropes and hooks
-2 months
-LOTS of help from the community


Santa Cruz


Project Details

NAME: PiLE Project - Plastic Tile Community Art Project
PROJECT LEAD: Daniel Feldman
LOCATION: Santa Cruz, Brazil
START DATE: November 09, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $10 USD (Unspecified)
PROJECT TYPE: Youth Center, Stadium/Sports Facility, Recreation Facility, Public Space/Gathering Space, Cultural Display