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Pakistan Flood Rebuilding Grant Program - The Heritage Foundation

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

Program Summary
Reconstruction of 25-30 homes, in conjunction with the Heritage Foundation's Green Kharavan housing program.

Number of housing units: 25 units and 1 community center
Beneficiaries: 125 (housing beneficiaries); 300 (community center beneficiaries)
Duration: 2010-2011
Design and construction grant: $32,500
Cost per unit:


In the summer of 2010, many provinces in Pakistan were affected by enormous flooding conditions. The floods caused the death of 1,600 people and some 20 million citizens were displaced by this natural disaster. These devastating floods have had a serious impact on an already vulnerable population. It is estimated that, at one point, one fifth of the country's total land area was underwater. Much of the farming land, housing and infrastructures were completely destroyed, leaving millions of people living in precarious, sub-standard conditions. The population has since struggled with severe food shortages, lack of sanitation and access to clean, drinking water.

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Heritage Foundation:

The Heritage Foundation, based in Karachi, was founded in 1980 by Pakistan's first female licensed architect, Yasmeen Lari. The Heritage Foundation's mission is to document and preserve the historic built environment of Pakistan. Recipient of the UN Recognition award in 2002 for the promotion of culture and peace, the Heritage Foundation began the Green KaravanGhar initiative to address community needs.

Project Information:

As part of the response to the flooding situation, the Green KaravanGhar designed low carbon footprint, low-cost nucleus houses. These typically consist of one room to accommodate 5 people, a veranda, kitchenette, W.C, and bath. The houses are constructed using primarily sustainable materials such as bamboo, mud, lime and stone. The eight-day construction timeline is made possible with the help of community members and teams of artisans and volunteer students.

In the province of Sindh, the population that was already living below the poverty line, has been severely affected by the devastation caused by the floods. The Heritage Foundation will help the marginalized communities by extending the Green KaravanGhar initiative to the areas of Shipkarpur and Khairpur. In these areas, the beneficiary families will be selected on a need basis. The grant will enable the Heritage Foundation team to hold training programs for construction in indigenous materials and a basic livelihood and skill training centre for women of the area. More than twenty-five housing units were constructed as well as a Women's Center which will enable the women of the area to gather and participate in activities that promote livelihood and skill training opportunities.

Funding Support
In order to address reconstruction efforts funds for the building have come from a coalition of partners including Architecture for Humanity, Google and the Live4Pakistan concert, an online fund raiser developed by Bubbletank and Virgin Unite


Khairpur, Sindh


Project Details

NAME: Pakistan Flood Rebuilding Grant Program - The Heritage Foundation
PROJECT LEAD: Heritage Foundation
LOCATION: Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan
START DATE: January 01, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $32500 USD (Final)
SIZE: 190 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Residential - Single Family
FUNDING: Bubbletank
, Virgin Unite
BENEFICIARIES: Villagers from Khairpur village in the Sindh Province, including women participating in training at the newly constructed women's center
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Use of indigenous resources (local labor workforce) and sustainable materials (bamboo, wood) providing low carbon footprint and low cost housing units.