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"The Bunker" OAC11 Venice Biennale Exhibition

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

Finalists from the 2011 Open Architecture Challenge, [UN]Restricted Access will be showcased at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, August 28 - November 25, 2012, before commencing an international tour. By broadening the conversation around the future of ex-military bases through forums like the Biennale, we increase the chance of making these projects a reality.

Finalist Designs: Transforming Military Space to Civic Space

[OCO - Ocean Conservatory & Observatory] near Lisbon, Portugal.

Paicho Huts near Gulu, Uganda

The Store - Pillbox Conversion in rural New Zealand

Alter Your Native Belfast // Alternative Belfast in Belfast, Northern Island

Plug-in Hebron

PLUG-In HEBRON - People Liberated Urban Gaps In Hebron in Old City of Hebron, Israeli Occupied Palestinian West Bank

Magazine Hill

Magazine Hill: A weathered continuum, in Pretoria, South Africa

Humboldthain Food Coop

Humboldthain Food Cooperative in Berlin, Germany

To read more about the Finalists, check out this recent feature on [UN]Restricted Access in Wired Online

The [UN]Restricted Access Installation at the Venice Biennale:

Your mission is to help extend the reach of this important conversation to a broader audience. With your support, the winning designs submitted as part of the design challenge will compose an interactive, four-month installation at the Venice Architecture Biennale called 'The Bunker':

Above: Elevation View of the Bunker installation in Palazzo Bembo. Click on the rendering to view a larger size.

Learn More:

About [UN]Restricted Access:

Dotting the global landscape, thousands of decommissioned military installations are leaving their mark. These abandoned structures and ghost towns disrupt neighborhoods and split entire communities.

While these sites and structures are often abandoned without plans for sustainable use, Architecture for Humanity sees them as opportunities for community investment and redevelopment. The 2011 Open Architecture Challenge, [UN]Restricted Access, asked architects and design teams to work in collaboration with community groups to develop innovative solutions to re-imagine how closed, abandoned and decommissioned military sites could be repur­posed as inspired places for public use.

Visit our Website and engage in the global debate about the future of ex-military bases on our Facebook and on our Twitter by following @afh_challenge.

About Architecture for Humanity:

Through a global network of building professionals, Architecture for Humanity brings design, construction and development services to communities in need. Learn more about our work by visiting our website, liking our Facebook page, or by following us on Twitter @archforhumanity.


Riva del Carbon # 4793
Venice 30124
Project posted by Karl Johnson


Project Details

NAME: "The Bunker" OAC11 Venice Biennale Exhibition
LOCATION: Riva del Carbon # 4793, Venice 30124 , Italy
START DATE: April 30, 2012
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
PROJECT TYPE: Cultural Display
DESIGNER: Romain Bigare
CONSTRUCTION: Venice Biennale
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Advocacy project promoting abandoned/decommissioned military base interventions promoting ecological/economic/social sustainability. The potential impact in any of these regards is immeasurable.