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‘My Game is Beautiful’ Girls Football Hub to Combat Human Trafficking


Through team sport, Yuwa provides a platform for young women to gain confidence to
make a change in their world.

With a Gamechangers grant, the community partner will facilitate the design + construction of:
• A secured football pitch + spectator seating
• A community room + Enterprise Area

Jharkhand is the top source for human trafficking in India - itself Asia's number one source for human trafficking, the world's third most profitable illicit activity after drugs and arms. An estimated 300,000 people are trafficked from the state every year. Most are young women from tribal areas, illiterate and below poverty line (BPL).

Local Partner
YUWA is a Jharkhand, India-based NGO (with 501(c)3 registration) using girls' football to promote health, education, and improved livelihoods. Girls quickly gain confidence to challenge the social script of gender inequality. In India's top state for human trafficking, teamwork is a powerful force to prevent trafficking by focusing on the three primary causes of a young woman's vulnerability: little opportunity, gender inequality, and lack of confidence. Founded in January of 2009 with 15 girls in one village, Yuwa now has over 200 girls in 10 villages practicing three hours a day, six days a week. In less than a year, 13 of Yuwa's girls lifted the state team's national ranking from 20th place to 4th.

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Rukka Village, Ormanjhi Block
Ranchi, Jharkhand
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Project Details

NAME: ‘My Game is Beautiful’ Girls Football Hub to Combat Human Trafficking
LOCATION: Rukka Village, Ormanjhi Block, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
START DATE: February 14, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
DESIGN TEAM: Greg Elsner
, Michael Jones