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Mobile Retail Kiosk - Homeless World Cup Legacy Brazil 2010


Create job and income opportunities through distribution of Homeless World Cup Fan Wear and other products from the Homeless World Cup Legacy Enterprise mini-manufacturing in Sao Paulo. Create a unifying design element for the Brazil Legacy programs in Sao Paulo, downtown Rio de Janeiro and Santa Cruz.

Create a prototype of a mobile sales unit that can be easily replicated and manufactured as part of the Enterprise legacy in various locations around the world. Display the story of the Homeless World Cup, Legacy Enterprise programs, and sustainable resource path of the Enterprise products in a compelling and innovative way through designing a uniquely recognizable mobile sales unit.

Graphically explain the enterprise product resource path in a universally understandable way. The unit should be modular; able to convert or interchange elements to be suitable for Brazil National Team one day and Corninthians the next.

The Mobile Sales Unit should allow for products to be securely stored and transported by human locomotion or renewable energy. The Unit must balance elegant design with modesty to avoid being a target for theft.

Project Scope:
• Mobile Sales Unit powered by human locomotion or renewable energy
• Storage and retail display for mini-manufacturing products
• Adaptability to various team events
• Visual storytelling of enterprise programs and resource chain
• Replicable design – able to be manufactured economically around the globe.

Project Details

NAME: Mobile Retail Kiosk - Homeless World Cup Legacy Brazil 2010
PROJECT LEAD: Homeless World Cup
LOCATION: Unspecified location
START DATE: March 17, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
PROJECT TYPE: Retail – Single Occupancy
DESIGN FELLOW: Daniel Feldman