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Mme Joa Clinic

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

The Maissade area of Haiti is very rural with small villages and farms dotting the countryside. General practice clinics along with a pharmacy component provide healthcare for the surrounding area. Madame Joa clinic is approximately 13 km west of Maissade and serves the area as a dispensary. Construction of the current building was never completed with the majority of it in 2007. Condition of the building is very bad owing mostly to quality of materials used in construction.

Save the Children asked Architecture for Humanity to design and oversee construction of a new general practice clinic which will also serve as a dispensary. The existing building will be demolished with a temporary clinic provided while construction is completed.

What's the Mme Joa Clinic Conundrum? on Students Rebuild


West of Maissade


Project Details

NAME: Mme Joa Clinic
PROJECT LEAD: Stacey McMahan / Burtland Granvil
LOCATION: West of Maissade, Haiti
START DATE: November 07, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: In construction
COST: $150000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 1000 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Health Clinic
CLIENT: Save the Children
CONTRACTOR(S): G4 construction
DESIGN FELLOW: Darren Gill, Stacey McMahan, Kate Evarts, Burtland Granvil, Natalie Desrosiers
DESIGN TEAM: Lisa Victor, Dorothy Miller, Douglas Oliver, Gerry Reilly
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Stephane Cherduville, Rick Ehlert, Carl Harrigan
ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: Jacques Nixon, Ulrick Pierre, Stanley Joseph, Nicolas Marie Elizabeth, John Greene, Kaitlin Schalow
BENEFICIARIES: Farmers and local villagers