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SOMA Mural Project


Murals are by nature community oriented projects and statements. San Francisco and the Bay Area boast a variety of murals that feature artistic statements, political messages, historical figures, and playful images. Many neighborhoods are very integrated communities with a variety of inhabitants.

While as a whole the Bay Area is clean and safe, some neighborhoods are still affected by homelessness, drugs, abuse, and crime. In an effort to clean up these neighborhoods, painting a mural will provide a positive aspect everyone can enjoy.

Everyone has seen the effects of what graffiti and tagging can do to the fa├žade of a building. Often times, someone has scribbled his or her initials or their signature to deface the existing conditions. Not only is it an eyesore, it becomes almost a blank canvas for other people to participate in. Neighbors have complained and even tried to combat the tagging of others by continuously painting over it. Imagine instead a brightly colored mural in which the local community can become involved in the design and painting of. Seen from other murals around the neighborhood, painting a mural will make it much less susceptive to tagging.

Building on San Francisco's technology spirit, the mural will be a real world marker that links visitors via a free mobile app to an interactive narrative to learn more about the project and community involved through an augmented reality experience.

Through creativity, the architectural design process, and motivation of members and the neighbors, this could become a wonderful project that aims to stand as a model to future work. How can you say no?


San Francisco 94103
United States


Project Details

NAME: SOMA Mural Project
PROJECT LEAD: Putheary Mey
LOCATION: San Francisco 94103, United States
START DATE: March 13, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
PROJECT TYPE: Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces