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Turbe Clinic for Medical Relief International (MERLIN)


MERLIN contacted Architecture for Humanity seeking assistance to repair and develop plans for several clinics in the Port-au-Prince area. They have a three-way plan to continue providing healthcare in the area: 1) Employ mobile clinics 2) Repair existing clinics 3) Construct new clinics. We were asked to evaluate damaged clinics for which contractors had submitted a wide range of pricing for repairs.

Architecture for Humanity was contracted by Merlin to repair and improve 2 clinics supported by Merlin. Both clinics, Caravelle and Turbe are recognized by Haiti’s Ministry of Health (MSPP) and after years of neglect were damaged by the January 2010 earthquake. The work conducted involved structural repairs, and related carpentry, plumbing and electrical as well as upgrades to a laboratory and cosmetics including interior and exterior paint.

Located in Turbe, about 2 hours east of Port-au-Prince, this clinic was structurally retrofitted and renovated which inherently includes complications and assessments requiring the expertise of a licensed engineer. Rick Ehlert, P.E. specified the design of the works. Construction was carried out under strict supervision to ensure the quality of materials and the construction itself adhered to the intent of the drawings and specifications. Both buildings were designed and built to the specifications, guidelines, codes and norms described in the following:

2009 International Building Code
Caribbean Uniform Building Code
SSTD 10-99 Standard for Hurricane Resistant Construction
2007 California Building Codes Title 24 (seismic engineering)
NFPA 101-2000: Life Safety Code
MTPTC Guide Pratique De Réparation De Petits Bâtiments En Haïti
MTPTC Guide De Bonnes Pratiques Pour La Construction De Petits Bâtiments En Haïti



Project Details

NAME: Turbe Clinic for Medical Relief International (MERLIN)
PROJECT LEAD: Stacey McMahan / Burtland Granvil
LOCATION: Turbe, Haiti
START DATE: June 18, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $15000 USD (Final)
SIZE: 300 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Health Clinic, Emergency Shelter
CLIENT: Turbe Center
DESIGN FELLOW: Stacey McMahan, Burtland Granvil
DESIGN TEAM: Michael Spinello, Dorothy Miller, Natalie Desrosiers
ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: Ulrick Pierre, Rene Ballan
CONTRACTOR(S): Romelus Defrain
BENEFICIARIES: Nearby community members needing healthcare.