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Community Clubhouse for Mbale Elephants Rugby Club

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

These proposals for a Community Clubhouse for the Mbale Elephants Rugby Club are part of an initiative by the Tag Rugby Trust that has grown out of the close relationship that has developed between the trust and the rugby club and local community in Mbale, a small city in Eastern Uganda.

TRT are supporting the growth of rugby in Mbale by the refurbishment of an existing pitch and the construction of a clubhouse. The clubhouse will provide facilities for the club and be used as multipurpose community resource.

TRT approached Architecture for Humanity London in 2010 with a request that we assist them in developing the design and procurement of the project. The AfH London design team have worked with TRT in RIBA Stages A/B and C and developed proposals for the masterplanning of the rugby ground and the design of the clubhouse. The AfH team has been assisted throughout the process by engineering expertise from Gifford, now part of Ramboll.

The AfH London design team has consisted of an enthusiastic group of architecturally trained volunteers and both Gifford and AfH have provided their services to TRT on a pro-bono basis.

We are looking forward to the sign-off by TRT on the basis of our Stage C report, which will provide background information and basic design parameters for further design and procurement services by the FBW Group, a Ugandan building consultancy.

AfH London are delighted to present the proposals for final comment and sign-off by the Tag Rugby Trust.



Project Details

NAME: Community Clubhouse for Mbale Elephants Rugby Club
PROJECT LEAD: Anthony Cole
LOCATION: Mbale, Uganda
START DATE: June 10, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design development
COST: $160000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 300 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Stadium/Sports Facility
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Gifford, part of Ramboll
BENEFICIARIES: We anticipate that the Community Clubhouse will be used by the whole Mbale community. The Rugby Club and also it's teams of young Tag Rugby players will use the club facilities regularly. The community facilities will be open to other local NGO's for meetings, classes and social events and it will also be available for private events, such as wedding receptions. We hope the clubhouse resource will be visited by everybody in Mbale at one time or another.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The AfH design has been developed to minimise the impact on the local environment. Interlocking stabilised soil blocks will be used instead of locally fired bricks, as fired bricks use depleted timber resources for firing. We have minimised the use of timber generally. The landscaping proposals anticipate planting of trees around the perimeter of the grounds particularly of grafted fruit trees and medicinal trees.