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Lotus Green Data Centers


Data centers account for a significant amount of energy usage and pollution world-wide.

This is an open innovation project by Indigo STARS (an Oregon nonprofit) to help accelerate green data center design, including architecture.

"The strategic deployment of data centers can help to serve resource challenged communities with potable water, electricity and heat in addition to the primary services they meet." --Benjamin Brink

licenses used:
TAPR Open Hardware License
GNU Free Documentation License


Project Details

NAME: Lotus Green Data Centers
PROJECT LEAD: Benjamin Brink
LOCATION: Unspecified location
START DATE: April 19, 2010
PROJECT TYPE: Water treatment, Water Delivery, Utilities, Urban Planning, Technology Facility, Power Plant, Power Distribution, Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces, Industrial Design, HVAC Systems, Energy Production, Emergency Shelter
BENEFICIARIES: Everyone, industry, business, resource challenged communities
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: decreasing energy waste increasing availability of potable water increasing availability of heat for HVAC (reducing dependency on wood and coal based fires) increasing availability of solar and/or wind power