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Collége Mixte LaConcorde Orphanage

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

The LaConcorde orphanage is run by Mama Bastien (a woman now in her late 60s early 70s), her son Frantz (Director) and his two sisters. They have operated in the Carrefour location for at least 11 years. The family is originally from Jacmel. The orphanage is registered with the government, but is not a Haitian NGO or non-profit.

Current Situation:
• 45 to 60 kids cared for by 4 employees, 2 guards, 2 cooks and volunteers.
• Building was completely destroyed save for a small storage building onsite
• (3) 8'x8' temporary shelters have been constructed for sleeping rooms
• Daily operations are carried out under tarps

Future Possibilities:
• Mama Bastien and Frantz would eventually like to relocate the orphanage to the Jacmel area, but they don’t own land.
• Rebuilding on the current site is the current plan

Approximate Budget:
• $240,000 for new facility based on 45 kids x 150 sf/kid and $70/sf construction.
• $80,000 for land in Jacmel (not yet identified).

Video by Fountainhead Films – An Orphanage in Carrefour Haiti


#544 Mon Repos 38

Project Details

NAME: Collége Mixte LaConcorde Orphanage
PROJECT LEAD: Stacey McMahan
LOCATION: #544 Mon Repos 38, Carrefour, Haiti
START DATE: March 21, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Technical/Construction Design
COST: $175000 USD (Estimated)
SIZE: 251 sq. m
PROJECT TYPE: Education Facility - Day Care/Children’s Facility
DESIGN TEAM: Abby Kurlinkus, Katie Schalow, Cody Stadler
BENEFICIARIES: Orphaned children, the Bastien family