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Keta Sandlanders


Keta Sandlanders FC Co-operative Football Club (KSFC) is a Co-operatively owned football club formed in 2002 which will next season compete in the Volta Regional Zone of Division 2 of the Ghanaian Football League.
First registered as a co-operative in 2009. As a co-operative the club is owned and run by people in the local community.
The aim of the project is to develop an area of reclaimed land for use by the co-operatively owned Keta Sandlanders Football Club as well as opening up the area to be used by the whole community.

The project will consist of 3 main stages:
1.Creation of the pitch and perimeter including sowing a natural grass pitch (90-45m) to be used by the club for training and matches

2.Creation of a stand for spectators as well as a changing room facility which will be used as a community centre on non-match days
landscaping and terrracing to cater for up to 1,000 spectators

3.Develop the surrounding area for community and tourist use – eg. market facilities, dormitory accomodation for visiting teams and a small team clinic

The project is to be lightly sited with respect to it's environment, be adaptable to be used for a variety of purposes by the local community and have an open accessible feel overall.



Project Details

NAME: Keta Sandlanders
PROJECT LEAD: Simon Dawson
LOCATION: Keta, Ghana
START DATE: April 04, 2011
CURRENT PHASE: Schematic Design
PROJECT TYPE: Stadium/Sports Facility
, Kenneth Okafor
ARCHITECT: Micah Sarut
BENEFICIARIES: The Keta Sandlanders Football Club Co-Operative and the local community in Keta