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Ile a Vache Plan d'action communautaire:Technique et Participatif


Architecture for Humanity has partnered with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to conduct Participatory Community Diagnostic as a first step in engaging Ile a Vache in the Southwest Department and creating a 10-year investment plan for this commune. This rural island community is located off of the Southern coast of Haiti. With a substantial population of approximately 14,000 inhabitants, it lags far behind in terms of access to basic services and necessities like clean drinking water, basic health care. Understanding priorities will be facilitated through a community-driven approach to thematic development components.

Architecture for Humanity is tailoring this project to compliment work that has already been completed by different agencies. Architecture for Humanity will be working within the development framework set forth by the Haiti Regeneration Initiative (HRI), the Cote du Sud Initiative (CSI) and the Minster of Tourism. The key policy message is that sustainable development can only be achieved through a well coordinated and technically informed multi-thematic program that addresses the underlying drivers of poverty, environmental degradation, disaster risk management, and a lack of access to basic services.


Ile a Vache


Project Details

NAME: Ile a Vache Plan d'action communautaire:Technique et Participatif
LOCATION: Ile a Vache, Haiti
START DATE: November 19, 2012
CURRENT PHASE: Design complete