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Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction


In the closing days of October, 2012, Hurricane Sandy carved a path through the Caribbean before moving up the Atlantic and turning into New Jersey striking many coastal towns. The storm moved north and created a storm surge that has devastated the New York Metro area. There has been widespread major damage and loss of life.

Our Response
Architecture for Humanity provides design and construction services after disaster. We help rebuild, and will be focused on disaster mitigation and technical assistance to under-served communities.

Completed Programs/Projects

Hurricane Sandy Field Assessments - NY
Read the completed Neighborhood Assessment Report.
The Neighborhood Assessment Project was created in the weeks after Hurricane Sandy to investigate the current state of the New York City neighborhoods affected during the storm and provide visualizations of this information in collaboration with members of each community. This information seeks to bring awareness to the unique situation in each neighborhood, highlighting damage patterns and need, as well as social capacity for rebuilding. Conducted by Architecture for Humanity's New York City Chapter, this assessment is a jumping off point for Architecture for Humanity’s local response, as well as for other individuals and groups that will be working on reconstruction within these communities in the upcoming months and years.
Sandy Design Help Desk - Far Rockaway, NY
After a successful pilot week, the Team and partners continue to work and plan how we can reach more affected communities.
During October 7-12, 2013, Architecture for Humanity along with partners, Enterprise Community Partners Inc., Pratt Center and Margert Community Corporation, will host a Sandy Design Help Desk to benefit NYC area residents affected by Hurricane Sandy. The Sandy Design Help Desk will provide free design and technical consultation from industry professionals to aid in the rebuilding process.
Sandy School Assessments - NJ and NY
During November and December 2012, Architecture for Humanity along with partners, Perkins + Will assessed 21 public schools throughout the New York and New Jersey region affected by Hurricane Sandy. The assessments would help determine damages specific to sports and athletic facilities. We thank Architecture for Humanity's NY and NJ chapters and the respective departments of education for their help throughout this process.

Please note: Architecture for Humanity hosted a community workshop for PS 329 Surfside School in New York. Please find more information about Surfside School here.


Restore the Shore - Seaside Heights, New Jersey
Seaside Heights, New Jersey, situated in the heart of the Jersey Shore and home to decades of summer memories, has been left ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. The residents of Seaside Heights are facing economic hardships, as both their livelihoods and homes were destroyed. However, they are prepared to build back stronger and more resiliently.
ReNew Schools - NJ
Thousands of school children throughout New Jersey were displaced when school buildings were flooded and mechanical equipment severely damaged, rendering their schools unusable. Students are required to attend schools far from their homes, are placed in temporary classrooms, or are now occupying schools with damaged facilities. New Jersey schools are in need of rapid improvement.

Projects In Progress:
Toms River High School North
Washington School - Little Ferry, NJ
Memorial School - Union Beach, NJ

A five-point plan for long-term reconstruction:

1. Enable our local chapters to provide technical assistance and support to existing recovery agencies.

2. Provide design and construction assistance to nonprofits and community-based organizations in affected communities to repair civic structures and public spaces.

3. Provide technical assistance to property owners, with a focus on small businesses and rental properties in low-income communities.

4. Provide community design, planning and architectural support to local agencies to rebuild and to develop model mitigation strategies, especially along the New Jersey shore.

5. Build back green. Provide assistance to replace outdated building systems with more sustainable energy-efficient solutions.

Updates: Check out our Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction Program page for regular updates!

Support Us
Support communities who need to rebuild by donating and sharing our message with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Twitter: The Official Architecture for Humanity twitter account is @archforhumanity and we've been doing on the ground updates at @afhdisasterteam - If you cannot contribute and want to support our appeal, please link to our site with your social network accounts and/or blogs.

Our Experience
For the past 14 years we have been at the forefront of post-disaster reconstruction work around the world. Check out our other reconstruction programs below:


United States
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Project Details

NAME: Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction
LOCATION: United States
START DATE: September 10, 2012
DESIGN FELLOW: Gail Gambarini
BENEFICIARIES: Communities affected by Hurricane Sandy throughout New Jersey and New York.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Project will consider sustainable and resilient measures.