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Hunt's Point Riverside Park


Hunt's Point Riverside Park

Project Type: Landscape Design

Project Mission/Goal: Improve the Human Spirit

Project Description:
Hunt's Point Riverside Park was the first new public park created in Hunts Point in many years. Situated along the Bronx River, the park transformed a degraded industrial area into a natural retreat for family recreation. The park adds much needed green space in what is otherwise a highly urbanized environment, while also serving as a venue for both community meetings and youth programs. It allows for recreational access to the Bronx River, a first, while also connecting South Bronx communities. Future work will provide bike connections to Manhattan and other New York City boroughs.

Links and Captions:
The Bruner Foundation

Project Details:
Project Location: The Bronx, New York City, NY, USA
Date(s): 2003 to Present
Project Phase: Phase I, Complete
Client: New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation
User Client:
Description and Number of Beneficiaries/Users: Bronx Residents
Major Funding: New York City Government
Concept/Lead Architect(s)/Designer(s): New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Project Architect(s)/Designer(s):
Structural Engineers:
Electrical/Mechanical Engineers:
Additional Consultants: The Point and Sustainable South Bronx
Total Cost/Cost per Unit: $3.27million
Area (if applicable): 1.72 acre
Photo/Image Credit(s)
File Specifications:

Nominated by Mark Warren


New York City, New York
United States

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The competition entry ID for this project is 7405.

Project Details

NAME: Hunt's Point Riverside Park
PROJECT LEAD: New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation
LOCATION: New York City, New York, United States
START DATE: January 08, 2003
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $3270000 USD (Final)
SIZE: 74923 sq. ft
PROJECT TYPE: Landscapes/Parks/Outdoor Spaces
BENEFICIARIES: South Bronx Communites


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