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Accessible House for Odeline


Papa Ode, an employee at the NPFS orphanage has a 2 year old daughter with a special need. This family of 4 not only lost their home in the earthquake of January 12, 2010 but also has the responsibility of caring for 2 year old Odeline whom is limited in mobility. To help this family, and give Odeline a home that is fully accessible Digicel Foundation and NPFS has solicited the help of Architecture for Humanity. Funding for the home is to be provided by the Digicel Foundation and NPFS. Architecture for Humanity is to provide architectural services for the design of this accessible home. A first site in the Moler area had been previously assessed by Architecture for Humanity but because of minor difficulties a second site has been assessed for the design and build of the new accessible home. In reviewing the new site for the home, the conditions are as follows.

Site Specific information
• The road to the site is currently unpaved and un-defined
• Main road is located approximately 189 meters (620 feet) from the home
• Public transportation is located about 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the site
• The site is approximately 258 m² (2777 ft²)
• Site is flat with very little vegetation
• The area thus far remains residential although several unfinished home foundations remain in the area
• Power lines are located on the main roads but none currently on the road of the site
• There are no water wells located in the vicinity of the site
• There is no building currently located on the site

• Barrier free walkways to the home to be accessible and paved
• Implementation of vegetation
o Currently site is without vegetation or shading devices, plant trees and include other shading strategies
• Alternative use of energy such as solar panels / wind generation can help support the
electrification of the home.
• Design of new home should allow for full accessibility or be adaptable for accessibility
o Openings, clearances, avoid level changes or provide ramps, line of sight, furnishings are to be fully functional for one with disabilities
o Adequate handrails to be located where necessary such as bathrooms and circulation areas
• Universal design principles such as appropriate size and space for use, low physical
effort and flexibility in use, must also be taken into consideration
• Because of Odeline’s limited mobility it is recommended that utilities and services be
located as close to the home as possible
• Accessible home may be used as a generic model for future similar sites


Port-au-Prince, Ouest
Project posted by Karl Johnson

Project Details

NAME: Accessible House for Odeline
PROJECT LEAD: Lyndia Mesidor
LOCATION: Lizon, Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti
START DATE: August 15, 2010
CURRENT PHASE: Design complete
DESIGN TEAM: Tamsin Ford
, Rachel Litherland, Nick Martin, David Thrasher, Dominique Moore
BENEFICIARIES: Family of four