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Kabondo Football for Hope Centre

Building Occupancy / Site Capacity: 

The Giriyuja Football for Hope Centre empowers street children with a wide variety of football programs and hopes to become a hub for its Kabondo neighborhood.

The construction is complete and the center was officially inaugurated on March 18th, 2014. Giriyuja has taken ownership of the facility which is put in good use with the street children and the youngsters of the local community

Host Organization:
Terre des Hommes: Giriyuja

Ensure all the vulnerable children in the community and the street children have access to basic protection services.

About the Centre Host:
Giriyuja has been working with street children in Bujumbura since 2006. They were formerly a section of the Swiss organization, “Terre des Hommes” (Tdh) which has been based in Burundi since 1984, but separated into their own locally based entity in 2006 when Terre des Hommes spun some of their services off to local groups. However, they continue to work closely together with Tdh offering support to Giriyuja on a permanent basis.

Giriyuja works in three broad areas: child protection (specifically the protection of street children); the reintegration of vulnerable children by offering them literacy classes and vocational training, and facilitating their access to basic services; and advocacy surrounding the rights of children in Bujumbura.

Giriyuja works with a street contact approach to their work. The organization carries out night rides (maraudes) to connect with the children in their environment, and also to keep an open field (the future FFH centre site) accessible to all kids on a “drop-in” basis.

Elena Ghibaudo

“Giriyuja” means “a place to call home” in Kirundi. The centre should reflect the organization’s name and become a place of support for street children and the vulnerable children of the community. It should be open, welcoming, inviting, youth friendly and safe as well as an accessible place to all creating a hub for the whole community.

The centre will be placed in the middle of an existing neighborhood and so it is important for the centre host that the structure welcomes all members of the community, not just the disadvantaged children their programs are geared towards. The centre accommodates many of Giriyuja’s existing programs and will act as a catalyst for innovative programs in the future. Giriyuja hopes to provide space for football training, football games, large scale tournaments and community events, life skills training, music, and drama classes.

Burundi has a mild climate but because it is so close to the equator the sun is often extremely intense. Shade is crucial for effective use of outdoor space. The Centre will incorporate outdoor shaded areas that allow for larger functional spaces, extending indoor activities into outdoor spaces, and provide children with their own gathering spaces.

Because the Centre Host hopes to expand their operations in the future, the Burundi Football for Hope centre is conceived as part of a larger master plan. Future extensions might include a computer room, more office space, a training centre, and a real cooking/dining facility.

Sustainable Features:

  • The building L form is very simple and will contain all primary functions, while generous canopy will provide shading areas as new communal spaces where kids will use to play, protected from sun or rain
  • Local craft bricks for wall and local stone for the external flooring were selected to promote the production of Burundian material
  • The material chosen for the roof provides weather protection, sound and thermal insulation and is waterproof and fungi resistant. This material is lightweight, which makes for simpler, more efficient transportation as well as less waste at construction sites. What’s more, it’s asbestos-free, composed of recycled fibers and use natural pigments for coloration
  • The roof is fitted with gutters and rainwater downpipes to facilitate rainwater harvesting. The mono pitch roof creates tall spaces in the multipurpose room, further minimizing overheating
  • A water storage tank located on the south side of the building collect water that can be used for employment: washing dishes, plants irrigation,...
  • The orientation of the building and the location of the windows allow emphasizing the natural cross ventilation; its upper part is characterized by an alternation of ventilation holes, created through a different bricks arrangement above the upper chain, and of a system of “Zprofiles” in colored aluminum (same profile of the shutters) that ensures air passage shading and protecting the building from rain. This system is a nice alternative to the more widespread and common system of clostrat used in the Country
  • Exterior shutters will help the cooling of interior spaces
  • The steel shipping containers used to transport the football pitch and its accessories, have been re-used and designed into the scheme as storage and guard tower
  • The project includes a base donation of solar power product used for the lighting of the football pitch
  • The construction enterprise has given the possibility to some street adults, previously unemployed, to work as part of the team builder
  • Some reuse materials will be exploiting during workshops for the implementation of outdoor furniture

About the Football for Hope Campaign:

“20 Centres for 2010” is the Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Its aim is to raise funds to create twenty Football for Hope Centres for public health, education, and football across Africa. The centres will address local social challenges in disadvantaged areas and improve education and health services for young people.

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Avenue Rukonwe
Project posted by dlub

Project Details

NAME: Kabondo Football for Hope Centre
PROJECT LEAD: Architecture for Humanity
LOCATION: Avenue Rukonwe, Bujumbura, Burundi
START DATE: January 28, 2013
CURRENT PHASE: Construction complete
COST: $236905 USD (Final)
SIZE: 180 sq. m
DESIGN FELLOW: Elena Ghibaudo
CONTRACTOR(S): Etrave, études et travaux sprl
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: A.& C. Architecture et Construction
CLIENT: Terre des Hommes, Giryuja
BENEFICIARIES: Street children from Bujumbura All the Kabondo community
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: local material large canopy to provide shade cross-ventilation with upper openings solar lightning for the pitch